Mobility Patterns and Pattern Mining

I Know where you went last summer


This is a promotional video prepared by two very talented VACD students from Sabancı University, Ilgı Çandar and Yağmur Altan. The aim of this video is to demonstrate some of the ideas of MODAP related to privacy.

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Alessio Bertone
Danube University Krems

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Filip Biljecki
Technische Universiteit Delft

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Alexios Kotsifakos
Dept. of Informatics & Telecommunications

Trajectory Data Set from GeoLife Project

GeoLife GPS Trajectories

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Ahmed Mohamed
Waterford institute of technology-Telecommunications Software & Systems Group
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MODAP Consortium

The consortium consists of 11 partners from 7 countries in Europe.
Sabanci University (Coordinator) Fraunhofer IAIS Hasselt University
CNR - Area Della Ricerca di Pisa Université de Lausanne EPFL - Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne University of Piraeus Research Centre University of Milan
Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA Alterra B.V. EPFL - National Kapodistrian University of Athens


MODAP Project funded by:
European Union FET-OPEN
EU FET-OPEN 2009-2012
The Future and Emerging Technologies Open Scheme